Perfect Image for the Anxious Author

I love Kristen Lamb’s posts. This one, Why Your Book Isn’t Selling, I admit I haven’t even read yet. I will do later today after work, but this first image in Kristen’s post had me laughing out loud:

Skeleton Author Awaiting SalesIt sure hits home for every author at some time or another. This skeleton writer would also be appropriate at a book signing, when one prays for eager readers to come to the bookstore, buy … Continue reading

Discovering Hürrem Sultan: It All Started with a Horse

Hurrem SultanRecently, I was co-authoring a medieval tale, The Black Knight’s Reward, with Marliss Melton. She’d named the hero’s horse, Suleyman, and I wasn’t sure that our knight would use that name in 1155 A.D. I started researching its origins and learned about Suleiman and his wife, Roxelana.

She is a fascinating creature from mid-16th century Turkey, then the Ottoman Empire. She was a woman who knew how to get her man and to keep … Continue reading

Agree or Disagree — Brexit Is History in the Making

brit_flagIs this the end of globalization? The end of the EU? Perhaps the end of the world as we know it?

People are lining up on both sides to judge, mock, celebrate, condemn — and it’s only been a couple of days. But everyone is suddenly an expert on what this small island country should have done. I say, Keep Calm and Love British. Pour yourself a cuppa and give them, oh, I don’t know, … Continue reading

A Video Featuring the Defiant Hearts Series and a Dog

Video stillshot1

I have two new things today: 1) a video made by REX Video Productions featuring my DEFIANT HEARTS series and the new series, the WARRIORS OF YORK, that I’m writing with bestselling author Marliss Melton and 2) my own YouTube channel with exactly one video (see #1).

If you have less than a minute, and nothing better to do, you can take a look at the video by clicking here. My slightly overweight … Continue reading

Science Is Rewriting the History of President James Monroe

Recent excavations at Highland — the historic, Charlottesville, VA, home of our nation’s fifth president — are rewriting history. According to my old alma mater, The College of William and Mary, “The archaeology, combined with tree-ring dating, shows that the newly discovered foundation, not the modest home still standing on the property, was the Monroe (1799) house. The property is part of William & Mary and is the only U.S. president’s home currently owned by a university.”

As a historian, if not by trade, then by dabbling (and with my handy-dandy history degree from W&M), I find this interesting because of … Continue reading

On Birthdays, Fathers, and the Queen of England

“Oh My Ears and Whiskers, How Late It’s Getting!” At least, like Alice’s White Rabbit, I am consistent in running late. I’ve been trying to sit down and write this post for four days.

dad's 86th birthdayOn April 21, my father, James George Baily, would have turned 86. As I have done for a few years, I baked a drop-dead cake in his honor. It’s an ill-named, heavy pound cake, baked in a loaf pan, often made with raisins, … Continue reading

Congrats to Smashwords!

four hundred thousand graphicMark Coker stated yesterday, “Smashwords on Wednesday surpassed 400,000 books published.”

Kudos to him and all the writers of whom he says, “You shared your wordy brilliance with the world.” I love that phrase, wordy brilliance! And thank goodness Mark used his business brilliance and his publishing brilliance and his distribution brilliance to help so many wordsmiths. He’s provided a phenomenal platform for writers and has reached many milestones in eight years, this being only one … Continue reading

March Madness

fur mustacheOne of my animals left this perfectly formed fur mustache on my carpet. Forget the fact that the carpet is hideous and that the animal was probably trying to improve its appearance. Still, it was uncalled for. (though it was put under the nose and above the lip of a couple of us humans just to see if it really looked like a mustache. It did.)


And now, because the responsible party, the … Continue reading