An Intriguing Proposition – Latest Release & Other News

Latest News:

1) I’m no longer published by Cat Whisker Press.

2) My new publisher is called ePublishing Works!

3) They re-covered all my books. Here are the before-and-after digital covers:

An Improper Situation digital version cover An Improper Situation by Sydney Jane Baily


web-cover_small An Irresistible Temptation by Sydney Jane Baily


inescapable attraction An Inescapable Attraction by Sydney Jane Baily

The new covers are brighter and the titles are definitely easier to read.

4) EPW has just released my latest book, a novella (25,000 words), called An Intriguing Proposition. It’s the prequel to the Defiant Heart Series as these books are now called:

An Intriguing Proposition by Sydney Jane BailySynopsis:

Following her father’s untimely death, eldest daughter Elise Malloy discovers that the family home is collateral for a mysterious loan. With no record of payments made from her father’s accounts, whoever was paying the bank has now stopped, and foreclosure is imminent.

Desperate to keep the news from her grieving, funds-starved family, Elise answers the bank summons and faces Michael Bradley, an old flame who still owns her heart. When Michael extends an unseemly dinner invitation, Elise invents a nameless suitor as an excuse. Now, to save face, she must produce him.

Jonathan Amory, Esquire, seems the perfect choice, until her long-desired relationship with Michael unexpectedly catches fire, and Jonathan makes it clear he will stop at nothing to destroy her family and lock her into a loveless marriage.

An Intriguing Proposition is available at and other fine ebook retailers.

“…a glittering tale of star-crossed lovers, threatened by a web of lies… a great new book in a new series.”
~Adrienne deWolfe, Bestselling Author

That’s all the news for now.



Maybe Facebook Ads Aren’t Fraudulent

In all fairness, here’s the view from the other side regarding my last post indicting FB ads. Jon Loomer, in Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?, says that it’s all in how you target your ads.

His site is for “Advanced Facebook Marketers,” and to read his view on the Veritasium experiment cited in my last post as well as how to make Facebook ads work, click here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you think he’s correct and FB has improved since 2012 or whether you still think that FB ads are a waste of money.


Facebook Fraud: Beware of FB Ads

As with many writers, I’ve toyed with the idea of using Facebook ads in order to reach more readers. I’m sure businesses of any ilk have the same thought. Well, it’s past time to rethink.

Here is a video from the owner of a YouTube science channel called Veritasium. This likeable, watchable man did an experiment or two to see if Likes on FB actually cause your posts to reach more people. He dealt with Like farms (people paid to click Like) and legitimate FB ads that should have brought real Likes. They didn’t.

And worse, as his FB Likes grew, since the percentage of people who were showed his posts by the FB gods stayed the same, his posts were reaching more fake-Like people and less of his engaged, interested followers.

Definitely worth watching this one:

Sarah Crisman wearing corset

What a Corset Taught Sarah Chrisman About the Past, the Present, and Herself

Sarah Crisman wearing corset
Courtesy of Sarah Chrisman

Found this interesting story about a woman who wears a corset all day and all night, as many Victorian women did. Sarah Chrisman received a corset from her husband as a present and, after the initial reluctance, fully embraced its wearing. In fact, she now dresses exclusively in Victorian style. Here is a link to a story about Sarah called The Woman Who Wears (and Sleeps in!) Corsets Every Day.

Crisman's bookShe has written a book about her transformation since wearing this rather controversial article of Victorian clothing that affects posture, sensuality, and body shape. She even claims it helped with her migraines. Here’s a link to more about her and her book with links for its purchase. She claims its a myth that suffragettes were the cause of the corset’s demise, instead putting more responsibility on Coco Chanel.

Sarah changes her own views on the corset as an oppressive, restrictive thing and shares why in her book, What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present, and Myself.


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